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Please ask me about a payment plan.​

  • Plan A, Private one-on-one.  $599

​30 hours Online Course, 6 hours Behind-The-Wheel. This course is for the novice driver 14½ years to 17 years (although it is appropriate for any aged novice driver 14½ to senior citizen).  It is taught according to the requirements of the State of Idaho Department of Driver Education. Upon successful completion of this course, the student (under 17) is prepared to begin the 6 month Graduated Licensing Program, under their parent’s/guardian’s supervision. The cost for the driving is $599 and I provide the class for free. ($50 nonrefundable registration fee)

  • Plan B, Skills Test Prep.  $200

This class is for the licensed or unlicensed driver 17 years and older who requires a little practice before taking the state driving skills tests. (Non-licensed drivers must have a learner permit – the DMV requires the individual to pass the Idaho Driving Knowledge Test – the written test before issuing the permit.) We focus on defensive driving, steering, reference points, parking (angle, parallel, and perpendicular), lane changes, protected and shared turn lanes, controlled and uncontrolled intersections, and highway driving.--DOES NOT meet State of Idaho requirements for Driver's Ed. ($50 nonrefundable registration fee)

  • Plan C, Individualized Private Driving Lessons.  $100/hour

Want to polish your skills on icy or wet roads?  Want practice with defensive driving skills?  Want better scanning ability?  Really the possibilities are endless here, I will work with you on any driving related skill that you want for as long as you want.  One hour minimum.  Must have a valid permit or driver’s license.--DOES NOT meet State of Idaho requirements for Driver's Ed. ($50 nonrefundable registration fee)

**The instructor reserves the right to refuse use of the instruction vehicle if the student is deemed unsafe. The course fee will be refunded minus the hours driven and the $50 nonrefundable registration fee. Lessons will be discontinued.

Please contact me through email or phone before making payment

Se habla español

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