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Play a sport?

No problem. 

Work full time? 

No problem. 

Full time student?

No Problem.

Se habla español

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I know that your time is important and limited.  I offer you flexible scheduling in which driver's ed can be completed in as little as three drives.  You can start driving sessions as early as 6am and go as late as 10pm.  Saturdays are available as well.  Sunday is my day for family and church and will never be a driving day.

I am a full time classroom teacher and am not available from 8am-4pm when public school is in session.  At this time, most of my availabilty is in the morning drive slot.  Due to my evolving family situation, I rarely have open drive slots in the afternoon or evening.  I enjoy my holidays and do not drive during Thanksgiving break, Christmas break or Spring break.  If one of those breaks is your only availability, please contact me and I may be able to accommodate your schedule for an additional fee.

Once you have completed the online coursework, I will work you into my driving rotation at your convenience.

Se habla español

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