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This option fulfills all requirements for Driver's Ed in the state of Idaho.

One-on-One Private Instruction $599

  • 30 hours Online Course, 6 hours Behind-The-Wheel. This course is for the novice driver 14½ years to 17 years (although it is appropriate for any aged novice driver 14½ to senior citizen).  It is taught according to the requirements of the State of Idaho Department of Driver Education. Upon successful completion of this course, the student (under 17) is prepared to begin the 6 month Graduated Licensing Program, under their parent’s/guardian’s supervision. The cost for the driving is $599 and I provide the class for free. ($50 nonrefundable registration fee)

    If the class is not completed within one calendar year of initial payment, THERE IS NO REFUND.  If the student chooses not to complete the course after one year, THERE IS NO REFUND

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