Obtain Permit

Here are the steps to obtain your permit

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In order to be enrolled in the class, you (the student) must pay for the course.  Once you have paid, I will notify the DMV that you are coming and then you can purchase a Driver's Permit from the Blaine County License Department (per Idaho State Law).  

The License Department is located at

219 First Avenue S
Suite 103
Hailey, ID 83333

The phone number is:


Please note that you will have to set an appointment with the DMV and their hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm.

Things you will need to take with you to apply for your permit:

  • Parent with an ID or a guardian with court documents

    • Stepparents cannot sign for liability. Consulate card will be accepted with proof of residency​

  • Student's original state-issued birth certificate

    • Not the souvenir with the footprints​

  • Student's photo ID

    • Idaho ID or school ID card or yearbook photo​

  • Verification of Compliance

    • From school administration office.​

  • Location of driver's training

    • Tell the DMV that you are working with Wood River Driving School​--NOT Wood River High School

  • Eye glasses or contacts 

    •  if needed​

  • $21.50 to purchase the permit